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General Conditions of Accommodation Rental


1.     Subject to General Conditions of Accommodation Rental

General Conditions of Accommodation Rental on web-site define the rental conditions and usage of accommodations in accordance with published information on Houses of tradition and these General Conditions of Accommodation Rental, unless other conditions of accommodation rental are stated at individual accommodations.


2.     Reservation Conditions

An accommodation at House of tradition can be rented or reserved given that it is available and there have been no other reservations made for this accommodation. Reservation can be completed through an inquiry via email, telephone or personally at House of tradition. At reservation guest shall provide all the data required by the reservation procedure and pay the reservation amount according to the mode of reservation. The remaining part of the cost of stay and additional services should be paid before the beginning of the stay at House of tradition unless agreed otherwise at the reservation.

2.1. Reservation on inquiry

Reservation is ensured

- after a received reply that the accommodation is still available and no other reservations have been made for it yet and
- after having received the data required by the reservation procedure and the payment of the reservation amount or after receiving an authorization for the use of credit card for the payment of the reservation and providing of its type, number, control number and validity of the card

2.2. Cost of reservation: down-payment of a part of the total cost of the basic service. The price of the basic service consists of the price of overnight stay to which, in case additional beds are needed, a surcharge for additional beds is added.

2.3. Canceling reservations: guests have the right to the return of the paid reservation fee with written cancellation of residence:

- to 30 days before arrival: 80% reservation fee
- from 29 to 22 days before arrival: 60% reservation fee
- from 21 to 15 days before arrival: 40% reservation fee
- from 14 to 8 days before arrival: 20% reservation fee
- 7 days before arrival, the reservation fee is not returnable


3.     Terms of payment

The intended cost of stay and tourist tax should be paid before the beginning of stay at House of tradition unless agreed otherwise at the reservation. The down-paid amount for the reservation is then deducted from the intended total cost to be paid.


4.     Method of payment

The possibility of paying by credit- or payment card and by bank transfer is marked at each House of tradition.


5.     Tourist Tax

Guest is obliged to pay the tourist tax at the same time as the accommodation is being paid for.

The cost of the tourist tax is determined according to the place of stay. Children from 1 to 18 years of age are entitled to 50% discount and children under 7 years of age do not have to pay for the tourist tax.


6.     Accommodation price

The rental price includes bed-linen, towels, kitchen cloths, electricity, gas, weekly change of bed-linen, towels, kitchen cloths and final cleaning, unless agreed otherwise at the reservation. Services not included in the price of the accommodation rental are charged according to the valid pricelist at House of tradition.

The prices are published in Euros. Houses of tradition reserve the right to change the published prices. Guests whose reservation has already been confirmed shall pay the price valid at the time of reservation confirmation.

For some cases of rental conditions of stay that differ from these General Conditions of Accommodation Rental may be agreed.


7.     Guest’s right to change or cancel reservations

All changes regarding the reservation (number of persons, date of arrival/departure) should be communicated in written form (via email, fax or by post). If according to the booking plan and accommodation capacities it would be possible to realize the changes, the guest will be sent a new confirmation of reservation from the House of tradition with whom the guest made the first reservation. In case it would not be possible for the changes to be realized the reservation conditions shall be taken into account.

In case of cancellation of reservation due to force majeure the guest is obliged to send a written formal confirmation about the event. In such case House of tradition shall calculated and charged the administrative costs in connection to the reservation, however the costs will not exceed the amount of 25% of the intended total cost of stay.


8.     The right to change or cancel reservations by Houses of tradition

Houses of tradition reserves the right to change reservations in case of exceptional circumstances that are not possible to be foreseen or avoided. In such cases Houses of tradition reserves the right, after prior notice of the guest, to change the reserved accommodation with a similar one of the same or better quality for the same price confirmed at the original reservation.

In case the change of the reserved accommodation is not possible, House of tradition reserves the right to cancel the reservation and ensures the guest to be reimbursed with the whole amount paid for the reservation. In addition, the guest shall be informed about accommodations that are not included in Houses of tradition association.


9.     Obligations of Holder of web-site

The Holder undertakes to perform the services to the guests properly and maintain concern for their rights and interests. The offer of Houses of tradition shall include Houses of tradition with categorized accommodations and fulfilled conditions for membership in Houses of tradition association. Data and photographic material are provided by Houses of tradition and for which they are as well liable.


10.  Obligations of guests

Guests shall be obliged to:
-       hand over documents in relation to the confirmation and payment of the reservation
-       deliver valid travel documents
-       respect the house regulations in House of tradition and consider host’s instructions
-       handle the inventory in the accommodation with care

In case of disrespect of the above obligations the guest is liable for all damages and shall bear the costs in connection to this.

The guest is liable to settle the costs of the possible damage he/she has caused in House of tradition to the host at departure.


11.  Guest’s arrival

Guests’ arrivals take place from 2 pm to 8 pm, if there has been no notice from the guest to arrive at another pre-appointed time or unless agreed upon otherwise.

If the guests do not reach the reserved accommodation in House of tradition up to 8 pm and the time of arrival has not been pre-appointed, it is considered that the reservation is cancelled and the costs of reservation cancellation are then calculated according to the Reservation Conditions.


12.  Guest’s departure

Up to 11 am, if not agreed otherwise with House of tradition or with the host. Otherwise the guest shall pay an additional day of stay.


13.  Luggage

The Holder is not liable for any damaged, destroyed or lost luggage as well as not for the luggage and valuables from the accommodation. Lost luggage and theft may be reported in House of tradition or host or at the police station.


14.  Reclamations

Guest shall report reclamation at House of tradition or host on the same day as irregularities have been found in written form within 8 days after the finished stay at the latest. Otherwise, Houses of tradition are not obliged to take the reclamation into consideration. The guest is with good intentions obligated to cooperate with House of tradition or host to remove the causes of reclamations.

If the guest cannot solve the reclamation with House of tradition or host, he/she is obligated to inform the Holder on telephone number + 386 (0)1 434 26 60 or over email to info@hisestradicijo.com about this and cooperate with them at solving the reclamation.

In case, if despite cooperation of the Holder at solving the reclamation on the spot, the reclamation was not solved the guest shall in written form send the reclamation to the Holder - Zavod za razvoj hiš s tradicijo to the address Mala ulica 8, 1000 Ljubljana. The guest shall enclose documents and photos proving the grounds of the complaint. The time limit for sending the reclamation is 8 days after the finished stay. The Holder shall only examine reclamations that are complete and sent within the given time limit.

The Holder undertakes to state a written opinion and a conclusion about the reclamations within 28 days and shall only examine reclamations that have not been solved during the guest’s stay.

Until the Holder states its written opinion and conclusion about the reclamation the guest waives interferences of other persons (arbitrage, judicial bodies etc.) and forwarding of information to media.

The highest compensation in case of a grounded complaint equals the height of the amount of services stated in the reclamation and cannot include other used services that were not mentioned in the reclamation.


15.  Handing over of General Conditions of Accommodation Rental

The Holder publishes the General conditions of Accommodation Rental on web-site www.hisestradicijo.com . The User by using the web-site accepts all obligations regarding these General conditions of Accommodation Rental.


16.  Validity of General Conditions of Accommodation Rental

The User agrees that with the issuing of these General conditions of Accommodation Rental he/she has come to the knowledge of its contents and the method of renting an accommodation on Houses of tradition’s portal. Users shall be notified about every modification of the General conditions of use at least 15 days before coming into force by publishing it on www.hisestradicijo.com.


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