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Krkavče 68, SI- 6274 Šmarje
(N)45°27'48" (E)13°41'31"
T: + 386 5 656 70 17

»HIŠA V VREŠJE« is a restored traditional Istrian house made of stone. On arrival you are welcomed by the lady of the house, in traditional costume, and offered wine and olive oil according to the time-honoured custom. Numerous objects from the past are preserved in the house itself and in the wine cellar.

Visits to a museum collection of items of local cultural interest, wine tastings, dance workshops, children's workshops and cultural events can be arranged.


Culinary specialities: Istrian soup, polenta, home-made bread and olive oil.


Puštal 74, SI -4220 Škofja Loka
(N)46°09'34" (E)14°18'36"
T: + 386 41 769 425

The Nace House is a cultural monument of national importance. Built in the 16th century, it was given its present baroque appearance in 1755. This well-preserved house with its original fixtures and fittings and two working open-hearth kitchens allows visitors to get a true feel of what rural family life was like from the 18th century onwards.

Tours of the house including the open-hearth kitchen can be arranged. Catering also available.



Culinary specialities: minced lard, Carniolan sausage, smoked sausage, goulash, barley porridge


Dolsko 19, SI -1262 Dol pri Ljubljani
(N)46°05'31" (E)14°40'43"
T: + 386 1 563 82 60

The Krač House is a cultural monument of national importance. It is believed to have been built in 1736. The central space, Galerija 19, is used for cultural and artistic events. There is also a conference room decorated in traditional style, where exhibitions, cultural events and business events are held.

Visits can be arranged to a museum collection of items of local cultural interest and a distillery. Catering also available.
Culinary specialities: home-made bread, tarragon cake, strudel, knuckle, roast kid, products from the annual pig slaughter





Linhartov trg 24, SI-4240 Radovljica
(N)46°20'26''  (E)14°10'32''
T: +386 41 695 011

Radovljica's Old Town features the mighty Radovljica Mansion.

Open the door and enter to the interior: look around, visit the museums (Museum of Apiculture or exhibition Age of Enlightenment in Slovenia with first Slovenian dramatist Anton Tomaž Linhart (1756–1795)), listen to the concerts. The exquisite halls, the atriums, the shady terrace, and the spacious entrance hall with a double staircase made from green tuff all make for a unique venue for special events.

The mansion proudly encourages romantic couples to declare their undying love in its shelter. It hosts music and dancing, as well as literary evenings, solemn receptions and business events.

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