General terms of use

General Conditions of Use of ETRIPS System –
Electronic Tourist Reservation Information Business System

Definitions of terms:

ETRIPS System: Electronic Tourist Reservation Information Business System on the web-site (hereinafter referred to as ETRIPS)
Holder of service: Institute GSD, Mala ulica 8, Ljubljana (hereinafter referred to as Holder)
System User: System subscriber, Holder of a service and System visitor (hereinafter referred to as User)
System Visitor: anonymous User of ETRIPS System, using the ETRIPS System according to General conditions of use of ETRIPS System and makes a reservation in accordance to General conditions of accommodation rental (hereinafter referred to as Visitor)
System Subscriber: ETRIPS System User who uses the System in accordance to conditions of use of subscriber modules (hereinafter referred to as Subscriber)
Subscriber Module: set of tools and system functions intended for sale or managing individual form of tourist offer on the web-site.
Accommodation Provider: Accommodation Module Subscriber who manages certain accommodations and their contact persons and owners 

1. Subject to General Conditions of Use of ETRIPS

General Conditions of Use of ETRIPS System – of Electronic Tourist Reservation Information Business System ETRIPS (hereinafter referred to as General conditions of use) define the conditions of access to the ETRIPS System and conditions of use of data and tools for overview, selection and reservation of accommodations in the ETRIPS System offer.

Holder shall provide the offer of accommodations in the ETRIPS System in accordance to the published information and these General Conditions of Use.

2. Accessibility to the System

The Holder shall maintain the smooth functioning of the ETRIPS System for up-to-date (on-line) continuous every-day use all days of the year. The Holder reserves the right to short interruptions in access due to maintenance and change of equipment or other technical reasons at which the Holder will make a special effort to ensure these interruptions to be brief and will not be carried out during the most frequent periods of use of ETRIPS System.

3. Profile of an Anonymous User and Rules of Access

An anonymous user or visitor accesses the ETRIPS System anonymously and free of charge and has access to all information about the tourist offer in the ETRIPS System an the basis of which he/she can decide to send an inquiry or Conducts a reservation through the System.

The User accesses the ETRIPS System via internet. Access to internet and equipment is provided by the User him-/herself. The User when using ETRIPS System shall consider the rules of the service Holder and standard rules of conduct on the internet.

4. Reservation Conditions

An accommodation can be rented or reserved given that it is available and there have been no other reservations made for this accommodation. Reservation can be completed through an inquiry via email, telephone or personally with the partners of ETRIPS System. At reservation guest shall provide all the data required by the reservation procedure and pay the reservation amount according to the mode of reservation. The remaining part of the cost of stay and additional services, if not agreed otherwise at the reservation, should be paid before the beginning of the stay at the contracting party or at the provider of the accommodation.

4.1. Reservation on Inquiry

Reservation is ensured
- after a received reply that the accommodation is still available and no other reservations have been made for it yet
- after having received the data required by the reservation procedure and the payment of the reservation amount or after receiving an authorization for the use of credit card for the payment of the reservation and providing of its type, number, control number and validity of the card

4.2. Reservation of Accommodation in On-line Sale

Reservation is ensured with the receipt of a voucher, received by the guest within the next half hour after successfully forwarding the reservation form and payment of the reservation amount with the credit card. For the accommodations in the on-line sale the reservation can be completed instantly directly through the ETRIPS System with a credit card in a secure SSL protocol.

4.3. Cost of Reservation: down-payment of a part of the total cost of the basic service. The price of the basic service consists of the price of overnight stay to which, in case additional beds are needed, a surcharge for additional beds is added.

4.4. Canceling Reservations: guests have the right to the return of the paid reservation fee with written cancellation of residence:
- to 30 days before arrival: 80% reservation fee
- from 29 to 22 days before arrival: 60% reservation fee
- from 21 to 15 days before arrival: 40% reservation fee
- from 14 to 8 days before arrival: 20% reservation fee
- 7 days before arrival, the reservation fee is not returnable

5. Terms of Payment

The intended cost of stay, tourist tax and ordered additional services should be paid before the beginning of stay at the contracting party or at the accommodation provider, if not agreed otherwise at the reservation. The down-paid amount for the reservation is then deducted from the intended total cost to be paid.

6. Method of Payment

The possibility of paying by credit- or payment card and by bank transfer is marked at each accommodation.

7. Guest’s Right to Change or Cancel Reservations

All changes regarding the reservation (number of persons, date of arrival/departure) should be communicated in a written form (via email, fax or by post). If according to the booking plan and accommodation capacities it would be possible to realize the changes, the guest will be sent a new confirmation of reservation. In case it would not be possible for the changes to be realized the reservation conditions shall be taken into account.

In case of cancellation of reservation due to force majeure the guest is obliged to send a written formal confirmation about the event. In such case the administrative costs in connection to the reservation shall be calculated and charged however the costs will not exceed the amount of 25% of the intended total cost of stay.

8. Holder’s Right to Change or Cancel Reservations

The Holder reserves the right to change reservations in case of exceptional circumstances that are not possible to be foreseen or avoided. In such cases the Holder reserves the right, after prior notice of the guest, to change the reserved accommodation with a similar one of the same or better quality for the same price confirmed at the original reservation.

In case the change of the reserved accommodation is not possible, the Holder reserves the right to cancel the reservation and ensures the guest to be reimbursed with the whole amount paid for the reservation. In addition, the guest shall be informed about accommodations that are not included in our offer.

9. Obligations of Holder

The Holder undertakes to perform the services to the guests of the System properly and maintain concern for their rights and interests.

The offer shall include accommodation providers with categorized accommodations. Data and photographic material are provided by the accommodation providers and for which they are as well liable.

10. Liability for Data Input

The User is liable for the authenticity, propriety, up-to-datedness and accuracy of the data put in and submitted to the ETRIPS system. The data is considered to be accurate from the moment of entering it into the ETRIPS System. The entered data shall not contain computer viruses, worms and Trojan horses or other harmful software.

11. Use of Cookies

The ETRIPS System uses the so called cookies exclusively to help at and simplify the User’s work with the System.

12. Password as a Business Secret

The User undertakes to safeguard the User name and password given by the Holder as a business secret and that each password shall only be used by authorized persons. The User shall be liable to payment of compensation for any damage that the Holder might experience due to the use of the password by a third person. The Holder shall be immediately notified, if the User suspects the password has fallen into unauthorized hands. Any costs arising from (possible) misuse shall be borne by the User.

13. Warning Regarding Unauthorized or Incorrect Use

Due to safety reasons as well as in order to ensure uninterrupted use to all Users, the Holder of the System uses software for monitoring of data transfer and for identification of unauthorized attempts of entering or altering of information or any other manner of causing damage. In case of authorized legal investigations and in accordance with the needed legal procedures the information from this source can be used for identification of individuals.

14. Pop-up Ads

When visiting the ETRIPS System web-site your internet browser might produce pop-up ads. These ads have most likely been produced by other web-sites you have visited or other software that had been downloaded to your computer. The Holder does not approve or recommend produces or services displayed through pop-up ads on your computer while visiting our web-sites. 

15. Handing Over of General Conditions of Use

The Holder publishes the General conditions of use on the web-site of ETRIPS System. The User by using the ETRIPS System accepts all obligations regarding these General conditions of use.

Thus everything stated in these General conditions of use is a legal liability as well for the Visitor as for the Holder and Holder’s contracting parties.

16. Validity of General Conditions of Use

The User agrees that with the issuing of these General conditions of use he/she has come to the knowledge of its contents. Users shall be notified about every modification of the General conditions of use at least 15 days before coming into force by publishing it on the web-sites.

17. Settlement of Disputes

Any disputes between the User and Holder will be settled with negotiations. Provided that the Parties would not be able to agree the dispute then lies within the competence of the court of Ljubljana, district Ljubljana.

18. Contact with ETRIPS System

In case of questions about the General conditions of use or other information about the ETRIPS system please contact the Holder.

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