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House with tradition Lectar
House of tradition LECTAR
Radovljica, Linhartov trg, Julian Alps
The country-inn "Lectar" is a very popular inn in the medieval part of the Upper Carniolan town of Radovljica whose name was first mentioned in the year 1333. Apart from delicious food we offer a trip to the past by vi...
9 xfrom 70€
Čevljar 70€ to 80€
Fotograf 70€ to 80€
Lectar 70€ to 80€
Nogavičar 70€ to 80€
Strojar 70€ to 80€
Urar 70€ to 80€
Kovač 70€ to 80€
Lekarnar 70€ to 80€
Lončar 70€ to 80€
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