Slovenia's Hiše s tradicijo (Houses of Tradition) cordially invites you to experience a unique, richer holiday atmosphere in a traditional environment.


Houses of Tradition are distinguished by tradition and character – the legacy these houses inherited from their former owners. Tradition is reflected in the preserved architecture of the building and decoration, and through the customs and habits passed down the generations. The high standard of accommodation is complemented by the carefully preserved natural environment and diverse, healthy, lovingly home-grown food and excellent Slovenian wines on offer. At your request, the host shall prepare a traditional dinner, during which you will become acquainted with the history of the house and the location itself.


Houses of tradition are located throughout Slovenia and are an appropriate starting point in order to learn about the diversity of Slovenian cultural and natural heritage, as well as Slovenian cuisine. Most of the Houses have accommodation available, but some can only be viewed by prior arrangement. There is an ethnological collection on display and, more often than not, the hosts will welcome you in the time-honoured custom, share with you the way life was in the past and treat you to traditional dishes.


Most Houses of Tradition are located in the countryside, away from the city rush, where you can take time out to enjoy the peace and unspoiled natural beauty of Slovenia, participate in traditional tasks and practices, or opt for some of the many outdoor activities on offer such as cycling, hiking, fishing, riding, playing golf, swimming, skiing, cross-country skiing, and so forth...


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We invite you to peruse the range of services available at the Houses of Tradition and choose a suitable spot for a relaxed holiday.



House of tradition Želinc
House of tradition ŽELINC
Cerkno, Straža, Julian Alps
Straza is often called »At Zelin’s« by the locals. The surroundings offer a variety of excursion points to visit, and bicycles, parachutes and kayaking equipment can be hired at the homestead. On rainy days a visit to th...
6 xfrom 33€
7 xfrom 50€
2 xfrom 95€
Sobe Silak
ŠILAK - Hiša usnjarja Jerneja
Ptuj, Dravska ulica , Pohorje with surroundings
The House is located in the oldest part of Ptuj in immediate proximity to Restaurant Ribic. This part, know as tanner street »vicus cerdonum«, was mentioned in a document already in 1291. Seemingly a simple house it rev...
2 xfrom 33€
6 xfrom 44€
1 xfrom 33€
2 xfrom 60€
1 xfrom 54€
2 xfrom 64€
1 xfrom 83€
House with tradition Lectar
House of tradition LECTAR
Radovljica, Linhartov trg, Julian Alps
The country-inn "Lectar" is a very popular inn in the medieval part of the Upper Carniolan town of Radovljica whose name was first mentioned in the year 1333. Apart from delicious food we offer a trip to the past by vi...
9 xfrom 70€
House of tradition Seruga
House of tradition ŠERUGA
Otočec, Sela pri Ratežu, Dolenjska and Bela Krajina
Just a stone’s throw from mainroads and the city, at the end of all routes, lies the Seruga homestead surrounded by forests and a rippling stream. Once the location of a former mill, the Šeruga farm has opened its doors ...
2 xfrom 38€
6 xfrom 64€
2 xfrom 93€
House of tradition Slamar
House of tradition SLAMAR
Nova vas, Nova vas, Coast and Karst
The Slamar guesthouse, a magnificent country homestead built in 1857, lies in the midst of the breathtaking Bloke plateau. Explore this oasis of tranquility and unspoilt nature in the surroundings of the Cerknica Lake by...
1 xfrom 40€
4 xfrom 65€
1 xfrom 105€
House of tradition PLESNIK
Solčava, Logarska dolina, Savinjska
The Plesnik family is one of the three oldest and most distinguished families in Logarska Dolina, and the pioneers of tourism in this breath-taking valley in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Logarska valley is an ideal starting ...
4 xfrom 50€
1 xfrom 75€
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